Temperatures today made a nice climb into the mid-50s, before clouds and a modest wedge of cooler air sunk in, dropping us back into the 40s. Temperatures start rising again towards morning ahead of a dynamic cold front that will push a line of heavy showers and possible thunderstorms through the region between mid-morning and around noon.

Through Tonight: The air this evening is cool and a bit clammy, holding in the 40s. In the hours preceding dawn, strong southerly winds feed into the area boosting temperatures into the 50s. A stray shower can’t be ruled out (20 percent chance), mainly after midnight.

Tomorrow (Friday): Breezy and very mild when you get up and head out as temperature close-in on 60. But between about 10 a.m. and noon, from west to east, shower and storms sweep through the region. Heavy rain, gusty winds and even the rumble of thunder are possible. A few damaging wind gusts, over 50 mph, cannot even be ruled out as the squall line comes through. The odds of severe weather are highest southeast of I-95 towards Southern Maryland. By 1 p.m. or so, the showers exit the region, with sunshine emerging by mid-afternoon. Temperatures hold mostly in the 50s. Winds from the south early in the day at 10-20 mph (with higher gusts), become out of the northwest in the afternoon.

More information: Gusty squall likely late Friday morning into early afternoon

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Melting snow on the National Mall at sunset, February 18. (John Sonderman via Flickr)

Severe weather outbreak in Tennessee Valley, ongoing: The same front that will bring our gusty storms Friday is producing tornadic thunderstorms from Tennessee into Illinois. Several tornadoes have already touched down in Illinois, and there are several active tornado warnings in Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky and southeast Illinois.

Here’s video of a tornado that touched down near Jacksonville, Illinois earlier today…