Cold enough for you?

The mercury settled down to a frigid 10 degrees at Dulles Airport this morning, tying the record set in 1993. Reagan National and BWI airports dipped to 14 and 11, respectively, well above their records of -1 and 5 from 1934.

Those temperatures were some 15-20 degrees below normal.

Today’s highs, unlikely to surpass the upper 20s or low 30s, will be the coldest since January 29 (when the high at Reagan National was 26 and the low 13).

At 11 a.m. Reagan National was 22 degrees. If somehow the high did not exceed 25, it would place today in the top 10 coldest days on record so late in the season. In all likelihood though, the airport will reach the upper 20s. D.C. might set or tie a record for coldest high temperature for the date, which currently stands at 27, set in 1934.

As cold as it is here, it could be worse. This winter Minneapolis has had 46 nights dip below zero, the 4th most occurrences on record.

Here’s a video on the cold throughout the U.S.:

Surprisingly, though, as it cold as it is in North America, a climate reanalysis from the University of Maine shows the Northern Hemisphere is warmer than average, overall.

Temperature difference from normal (University of Maine)