It’s another cold one today, but the forecast Saturday through Wednesday is generally mild, with highs in the 50s and 60s.   By the middle of next week, all that will remain of snow locally will be those crusty, cruddy piles in strip mall parking lots.

So, to honor the beautiful snowfall we had Monday, what’s left of it now, and the talented individuals who photographed it, here are my 10 favorite snow photos taken this week and shared with the Capital Weather Gang (via Flickr and Facebook):

1. Connecticut Ave. snow – the District – March 3 (EllenO)

2. Bicycling down Pennsylvania Ave. in the snow – the District  – March 3 (Victoria Pickering)

(Victoria Pickering)

3. Risky Biking – Arlington – March 3 (Kevin Wolf)

4. Dedicated Runner – Arlington – March 3 (Kevin Wolf)

 5. Walking towards the Capitol – the District- March 3 (Joe Flood)

6. Snowstorm on V Street – the District – March 3 (Clif Burns)

7. D.C. snow – March 3  (Brendan Lilly)

8. Macro snowscape – March 3 (Phil Yabut)

9. Snow Crystal – the District – March 3 (WolfpackWx)

10. Snow sunset – Southern Maryland – March 3 (Linda Fitzgerald)

(Linda Fitzgerald)

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