Tomorrow, we may be too focused on the severe thunderstorm threat to give it much attention, but the European model wants to bring back winter next week, forecasting snow early Monday.

Yes, it’s late March and yes, this is getting a bit ridiculous (or awesome for the snow lovers among us), but the model suggests a cold front will sink south Sunday with a wave of low pressure forming along it that produces an area of snow in the region late Sunday night into Monday.

European model suggests subfreezing temperatures and snow at 8 a.m. Monday morning (

Taking the model literally, it would suggest light to moderate amounts.

And, believe it or not, it predicts more winter weather potential later in the week – though during a time frame (beyond a week) when the model frankly isn’t all that accurate.

The European model is not alone in these predictions.  Its partner in crime the Canadian model also simulates the Monday snow chance and hints at a little more later in the week.

Canadian model shows snow falling over the region Monday (Environment Canada)

If you dislike snow, take comfort in the fact the GFS model forecasts no snow next week, so there’s considerable uncertainty in weather system specifics.

The bottom line is that we cannot dismiss the potential for more snow this winter and spring and next week may present more than one opportunity.  Keep your snow shovels and salt handy… maybe by doing that it will keep the white stuff away.

We’ll have winter weather expert Wes Junker weigh in with more at the next possible opportunity.