Screenshot of David Schwartz on The Weather Channel, March 31, 2007 (YouTube)

The weather-watching enthusiasts behind the Web site “” got their wish.  After laying off veteran weathercaster Dave Schwartz in November 2008, The Weather Channel announced today they’ve brought him back.

“Fans of The Weather Channel have spoken and told us that Dave Schwartz made the weather fun for them while teaching them about the science of weather,” said David Clark, President of The Weather Channel. “Dave’s enthusiasm truly embodies our belief that It’s Amazing Out There, and everyone here is happy to have him back and we know our viewers will feel the same.”

The down-to-earth Schwartz gained popularity in his prior 17-year tenure at The Weather Channel for his folksy, charming and clear presentation of weather information.

“Dave made an invaluable connection with so many viewers, owed to the credibility he brought to TWC by virtue of his comprehensive knowledge of all things meteorological, his enthusiasm for informing his audience, and his friendly, genuine, at times quirky – but always entertaining – style,” says the Web site.

His catch phrase was simply addressing viewers as “my friend” as he looked straight at the camera and delivered the forecast.

Here’s a fun of YouTube video of the dramatic Schwartz, mocking the robotic opener to a weather segment, from September 2007:

David Blumenthal, a spokesperson for The Weather Channel, said Schwartz will begin appearing on air in mid-April.


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