It’s almost hard to believe 6-10 inches of snow was on the ground Monday as a huge fraction of the snowpack vanished Tuesday, despite cloudy skies and highs only around 40.  The strong March sun, even attenuated by cloud cover, is a most-effective snow destroyer.

If it snows again before next winter,  it’s unlikely to be as picturesque or festive as what fell on St. Patrick’s Day.

Here are my favorite reader photos.  Thanks to all of you who submitted them.

St. Patrick’s Day-themed

1. Masterful snow sculpture in Falls Church (Walter Crain)

(Walter Crain)

2. Green fountain at the White House (Rich Pezzillo)

(Rich Pezzillo)

3. Leprechaun rides above the snow, Arlington, Va. (Arbora Johnson)

(Arbora Johnson)

4. Green snowman (@Kari455)

5. Cold Irish cream (Anne Errigo)

(Anne Errigo)

6. Snowman-leprechaun hybrid (Margaret Clinch)

(Margaret Clinch)

7. Four leaf clover (Jennifer Linney)

(Jennifer Linney)

8. Snow-chilled beer – Guinness (@ScottShapinPGA)

9. Three leaf clover (Claire Henline)

(Claire Henline)

10. Festive White House scene (@jenn_wurz)

11. Going green in Woodbridge, Va. (Sheri Goad)

Sheri Goad

12. A lucky snow (Jeff Gamble)



1. The Tidal Basin seen through the Ohio Drive Intel Bridge in Washington D.C. (Daniel Reidel)

2. Parking meters seen better day (Washington, D.C., WolfPackWx)

3. Final flurries (Washington, D.C., ellen01975)

4. Snow-covered cherry blossoms (Washington, D.C., ekelly80)

5. A snowy walk (rpcann)

6. Snowy tree and city lights (Arlington, Va., Noe Todorovich)

7. Groceries before the storm (Arlington, Va., Kevin Wolf)


Over it

1. Die, snowman, die

2. Go home snowman, you’re drunk  (Tracy McCollister Albert)

(Tracy McCollister Albert)

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