Places breaking (dark blue) or approaching (light blue) daily record lows in the U.S. as of 7 a.m. EDT. Unofficial. (

In the wake of the monster Atlantic winter storm which helped draw unusually cold air into the region, we’ve seen another morning of record smashing lows. Both locally, and across the East Coast.

The low of 15 degrees at Dulles Airport beats the old 17 degree record for the date which was set in 2001. It’s the fifth record low set this March, including the coldest temperature ever recorded at Dulles in the month, when it dipped to -1 degree on March 4. Today’s record low also comes on the heels of three record low maximums in a row there ending yesterday — a stretch which started with a record low on Monday.

RTMA model analyzed temperatures at 7 a.m. this morning. (

BWI also tied a record of 20 degrees set in 2001. This is the third record low there this month, including the all-time coldest in March, with 4 degrees on the 4th. Washington’s low, recorded at National Airport, only made it to 27 degrees. That’s quite cold compared to the normal low of 41 degrees on this date, but well off the record of 20 degrees in 1894.

The best news here is we don’t appear to have any more record cold readings ahead. Well, at least in the near future.