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Temperatures: Latest D.C. area temperature map. See interactive map on our Weather Wall.

Shortly after we announced the end of winter, the temperature shot up into the highs 60s, as if spring was listening. Saturday and Saturday night bring spring showers, in earnest – with over an inch of rain possible. Winter may try to throw a parting egg in our face late Sunday, with falling temps, wind, and rain (and maybe, gulp, some conversational flakes?).

Through Tonight: This is the best part of the forecast. It’s dry, albeit mostly cloudy, for those of us heading out this evening and fairly mild. An hour or two before sunrise, some showers could move into the region (40 percent chance), with lows from the upper 40s in the cooler suburbs to low 50s downtown. Winds from the south at around 10 mph.

Tomorrow (Saturday and Saturday night): Rain is likely and could be heavy at times, especially in the late afternoon and evening. A thunderstorm is also possible, especially south of town. There may well be windows when it’s not raining, especially during the middle part of Saturday but models differ on timing of any lulls in the rain. Keep an eye on radar and forecast updates Saturday. Highs Saturday are in the 50s to near 60, with lows Saturday night in the 40s. Rainfall totals by Sunday morning are generally in the 1 inch range, but locally higher totals are possible towards the mountains and the Pennsylvania border.

Sunday: More periods of rain are likely (60 percent chance) as temperatures hold steady – mostly in the raw 40s. Into the afternoon and evening some 30s are even possible. If the rain persists late in the day, it could even mix with or even change briefly to conversational (non-accumulating) snow, especially in our colder suburbs. Winds pick up as well, out of the northwest at 15-20 mph, with stronger gusts. An additional 0.25-0.5 inch of rain is possible. There’s greater than usual uncertainty in this forecast, so stay tuned for updates.

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Views of winter

Look at the blizzard conditions experienced in the Canadian Maritimes Wednesday. The crazy footage below, shot near Notre Dame, Canada, was shot by Mark Arsenault and posted to Facebook:

Here’s what the Canadian Maritimes looked like from space Thursday, from NOAA:

March 27, 2014 (NOAA)

The storm that socked eastern New England and Canada was just the tail-end of a series of punishing winter storms this winter in the Midwest and eastern U.S./Canada. Watch this video compilation:

Lastly, here’s a great graphic which shows how the snow totals mounted this winter across the Mid-Atlantic from Jordan Tessler of TerpWeather (click to enlarge):

(Jordan Tessler/Terp Weather)

Views of spring

Just to offer some contrast with all of the winter scenes above, here’s some dramatic video of thunderstorms Thursday evening near Dallas, Texas:

Dallas Storm Timelapse // March 27, 2014 from Matt Johnson @ WhoIsMatt.com on Vimeo.