12:25 p.m. update: We continue to see showers push through, and they are generally on the light side. Activity may become spottier for a time this afternoon, but short range models indicate more will form right over us as we get later into the afternoon. I-95 remains a temperature dividing line, with readings up around 60 there and southeast while closer to 50 in our northwest suburbs. Temperatures should stay somewhat steady for a while before dropping off by this evening.

Midday model analyzed temperatures across the region. (Weatherbell.com)

10:15 a.m. update: Light rain and drizzle is set up over most of the area. There’s no real sign of any breaks, so it’s possible the midday or afternoon window for some drier time may not come to fruition. We’ll keep you posted if we see an extended period where outdoor activity might be more enjoyable. Also, temperatures are on the “warm” side around D.C. and east, where readings have reached the upper 50s to around 60 thanks to mild air bumping a little north of expected locally.

Today’s Daily Digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 1 to 10.

Not a pleasant spring day, but also not a snowstorm. We’re getting there!

Express Forecast

Today: Periods of showers or rain. Highs: Near 50 to mid-50s.

Tonight: Periods of showers, maybe just cloudy by sunrise. Lows: 40s.

Tomorrow: Showers increasing, poss mixed with snow late. Highs: 40s.


Radar & lightning: Latest regional radar shows movement of precipitation and lightning strikes over past two hours. Refresh page to update. Click here or on image to enlarge. Or see radar bigger on our Weather Wall.

Looking for silver linings to this weekend, I considered: quality sleeping in weather, and watching television on the couch. Neither are the worst thing ever, and with some good fortune we’ll also be able to find some time for outdoor activities. Getting a rainy few days is also pretty springlike. First comes mud, then comes greenery. Once we break into the workweek, it might turn rather beautiful.

Today (Saturday): It’s a soggy day, but perhaps not a total washout. Periods of showers are basically guaranteed at the least, along with some drizzle, but extended breaks are also possible, seemingly focused on the midday or afternoon. Daily temperatures that peaked just after midnight will end up in the near 50 to mid-50s range for daytime maximums. Warmer air resides just barely southeast, so we’ll need to watch and see if it stays there. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: The surface low tracks by pretty close to the area, which means showers remain numerous, but maybe no long-term consistently heavy rain. There’s some signal for a wave of heavier showers to push through in the evening. That’s not certain, and it may focus north of the area. Lows are in the 40s, perhaps nearing the upper 30s in north and west locations. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Sunday): With the storm now just offshore, it decides to slow way down, and more consistent showers try to start banding across the area by midday or afternoon. That could then continue into the night, perhaps mixing with conversational snow by late day north and west. Temperatures may not go far during the day, generally hanging out in the 40s across the area should precipitation continue to be widespread. If it’s lighter or nonexistent, a push toward the 50s is possible. North winds become gusty as well. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: While we’ve canceled winter, it’s possible you might briefly wonder why overnight. If bands of showers are still around, they may further mix with a little conversational snow or even turn fully over to snow showers overnight. Even a period of light snow can’t be ruled out. For now, it looks like temperatures should hover above freezing, with lows eventually reaching 32-36 or so. As it stands, the greatest light accumulation risk appears to be in the hills across far northern Md., with perhaps up to a coating on grass in the area locally. Any of this activity should wind down after midnight if not prior. Confidence: Low-Medium


The chill you feel early Monday should wane as the day wears on and skies trend clearer. Temperatures want to head toward 60 degrees or so in the afternoon as well. But, a pressure gradient between the ocean low slowly meandering further out to sea and a high pressure moving in from the west may keep winds gusty enough to detract a little from the day. Confidence: Medium

Tuesday is the day to wish was today. Although, the “severe fever” you wake up with might force you to call in sick. Mostly sunny and temperatures in the 66-71 range will tend to do that to you. It’s just the start of the warmest few day stretch, in like… forever. And, there’ll be some real sneezing too — pollen explosion! Confidence: Medium