Snow falls on a deer in Oakton, Virginia during the afternoon of March 30, 2014. (Kevin Ambrose)

Five days ago, my photo post titled, Spring snow, winter’s last hurrah, stated that I thought we were finally done with snow.

Yes, I know, I was wrong.  We all thought winter was done.  Jason Samenow, our chief meteorologist, even pronounced winter was over last Friday.

But the winter of 2013-14 does not want to give up.  This was the fourth snow event in March that I have photographed and it seems like it has snowed almost every week this winter.  It’s been a long, snowy winter season!

Wet snow is plastered to a stop sign in Oakton, March 30, 2014. (Kevin Ambrose)

During the afternoon of March 30, snow developed in the northern and western suburbs of Washington and fell particularly heavy for several hours.  Even with the high angle of the sun this time of year, a thick, slushy accumulation of snow formed on many roadways north and west of Washington.

Driving conditions were not terrible, but the thick slush was noticeable under the tires when changing lanes and passing cars would often toss up huge Slurpee splashes on the windshields of surrounding cars.  It was quite sloppy out on the roads.

The snow did not last long, however.  It rarely does this time of year.

After a few hours, the precipitation transitioned to rain in the western suburbs but persisted as snow in the northern suburbs into the evening hours.  The snow lasted just long enough to allow for a few photos and to remind us that winter has not quite given up.

Is this the last snow photo shoot of the season?  I’m not even going to venture a guess after this winter.  Only time will tell…

A deer in the snow in Oakton, March 30, 2014. (Kevin Ambrose)

Heavy snow falls in Oakton, March 30, 2014. (Kevin Ambrose)

There was less snow in Manassas than in Oakton, but Bull Run was over its banks after the heavy rain and wet snow. This photo shows the Stone Bridge at the Manassas Battlefield Park at 5:30 pm on March 30. (Kevin Ambrose)

Sunday, at 6 pm, there was still almost an inch of snow on the football field at Flint Hill High School in Oakton, Virginia. (Kevin Ambrose)