Temperatures so far this month compared to normal. D.C. was running near normal for the month through the date.

I love spring in D.C. How can you not? At least in between sneezes.

The city is like a huge botanical garden, and the earliest flowers have been blooming for a few weeks now. But the real color explosion is just beginning to hit its stride. The storied Tidal Basin cherry blossoms are among the earliest trees to come to life in spring around here, and they’re still at least a few days off of peak.

For the month of April I am challenging myself to take pictures every day, and below is (in part) how it has gotten started. Thus far, much of the focus is on the small scale, but as the weeks progress the environmental metamorphosis will become all encompassing.

April 1, 2014. (Ian Livingston)

April 2, 2014. (Ian Livingston)

April 3, 2014. (Ian Livingston)

April 4, 2014. (Ian Livingston)

April 5, 2014. (Ian Livingston)

April 6, 2014. (Ian Livingston)

April 7, 2014. (Ian Livingston)

In addition to the above, I will post one photo a day to my flickr set, “A Day in April.”