The last time D.C. hit 80 or higher was way back on October 6 (when it was 91).  Then came a long, hard cold season. We’ve now gone over 6 months without reaching 80 but we have a chance to break through that barrier Sunday and/or Monday.

The GFS model forecasts highs in the upper 70s both Sunday and Monday, within striking distance of the warm weather milestone.

GFS model forecast highs Sunday (

The European model also brings us oh so close to 80 on Sunday (but forecasts just mid-70s Monday).

European model forecast high temperature Sunday (

The Canadian model pushes us over the top Monday, forecasting a high around 81.

Canadian model forecast temperatures at 2 p.m. Monday (

Examining Washington, D.C. area weather records dating back to 1872, the average date of the first 80-degree day is April 7.  The earliest first 80-degree day on record was February 25, 1930 and the latest May 14, 1975.

In the new millennium (2000-2013), the average first 80 has moved up to March 30; the earliest occurred March 8, 2000 and the latest April 25, 2009.

As our first 80 degree day this year will occur no earlier than April 13 or 14, it is guaranteed to be at least the 3rd latest first 80 degree day since 2000 (2nd latest April 17, 2004; latest April 25, 2009 per above).