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Peak bloom! Washington, D.C.’s cherry blossoms in their prime (PHOTOS)

Sunrise at the Tidal Basin on April 9 ( <a href="">Sabrina Yow-chyi Liu</a> )
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The National Park Service declared the Tidal Basin’s cherry blossoms at peak bloom this morning.  Spring now seems to have unambiguously arrived in Washington, D.C., finally.

This is the second latest peak bloom in Washington, D.C. since 1992.  It comes nearly a week later than the long-term average peak, April 4, and 11 days  after the more recent average, March 31 (since 1992).  It falls one day after last year’s peak bloom date, April 9.

The blossoms’ bud development got off to a slow start thanks to cold March temperatures, about 4 degrees below average.  But warm temperatures in the first 10 days of April, roughly 2 degrees above average, helped the buds gain some ground.

With the exception of Friday afternoon into Saturday morning – when rain showers are possible, the next several days should offer picture perfect blossom viewing conditions.  Very mild temperatures – into the 70s – and sunshine is forecast.  When a cold front comes through Monday night into Tuesday with rain and wind, the blossoms may get disturbed and pass their prime.

Recent photos

1. After sunrise this morning (Jenn Wurz)

2. This morning (Navin Sarma)

3. This morning (Buddy Secor)

4. This morning (Rich Pezzillo)

5. This morning (Navin Sarma)

6. This morning (Howard Bernstein)

7. Wednesday evening (Rob Cannon)

 8. Wednesday evening (Richard Barnhill)

9. Wednesday afternoon (Angela N)

10. Wednesday afternoon (Christine Ruffo)

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