Today’s Daily Digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 1 to 10.

Not completely sure the whole day is perfect, but it could be close enough that 9 seems low.

Express Forecast

Today: Becoming mostly sunny. Clouds increase late? Highs: Near 70 to mid-70s.

Tonight: Partly to mostly cloudy. Near 50 to mid-50s.

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny. Highs: Upper 70s to low 80s.


Before our run past 80 yesterday, it was over 6 months since we’ve seen temperatures so mild in the afternoon. But, we’ve got several more warm days ahead before a bit of a “winter returns” type of air mass. Don’t worry about that though, it is mid-April, so it won’t be too bad. In the meantime, enjoy the heck out of the weekend and Monday (if Mondays can be enjoyed).

nice day
Today (Saturday): Clouds want to start dispersing prior to sunrise, though it may take a while before we see clouds fully depart. A majority of the day should be mostly sunny either way! Highs head for a range mainly in the near 70 to mid-70s zone. Winds flip from the north to the the southeast around 5-10 mph. Clouds may begin to increase again before sunset. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Skies are partly cloudy on the whole, but we see a period of mostly cloudy overnight. The cloud cover and a continued south wind help keep lows from dipping too far, with the outer suburbs heading for around 50, but downtown maybe staying in the mid-or-upper 50s. Confidence: Medium-High

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nice day
Tomorrow (Sunday): Winds keep on blowing in warm air, and they switch to an even warmer southwesterly direction. This means 80 or even higher is on the table! Under mostly sunny skies, highs head for the upper 70s and low 80s. Dew points could get up high enough to feel the humidity a bit more as well, but winds around 10-15 mph should keep it pretty comfortable. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: This one borders on warm and muggy with dew points heading toward 60 degrees and lows only falling to about that mark. It’s partly cloudy as winds from the south continue. Confidence: Medium-High


We should remain well entrenched in the warmth on Monday as the front remains at least a day to the west. Clouds may increase a little though, and that could hold temperatures “down” in the mid-70s. Getting back toward 80 wouldn’t be shocking either. Confidence: Medium

Skies that turned mostly cloudy Monday night, with an increased risk of showers after midnight, remain that way through Tuesday. Showers will also be a good bet as the front approaches and moves through. Even so, another run well through the 60s to around 70 seems likely. More or less degrees possible, should the front timing change. It’ll turn sharply cooler for Wednesday though… it shouldn’t last too long. Confidence: Low-Medium