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Spring fever: Deep snow to cherry blossom peak in just a few weeks (PHOTOS)

A break in the parade of people shortly after sunrise on April 12 (right) contrasts with a cold scene on March 17 (left). (Ian Livingston)

The Washington area saw plenty of late-season snow this year, with multiple snowstorms in March.  During the St. Patrick’s Day snowstorm on March 17, we met to shoot snow scenes of Washington and the idea dawned on us that we could get some neat comparisons to the upcoming cherry blossom bloom.

Our goal was to take photos of the snow and cherry blossoms from the same locations around the Tidal Basin.

During the morning of March 17, we walked around the snowy Tidal Basin framing and shooting the bare cherry trees and various landmarks as if we were shooting the scene with cherry blossoms in peak bloom.

During our photo shoot, we were interviewed by an ABC7 news crew and we described our plan to do photo comparisons with the snow and blossoms. Our CWG snow post ran the following day.  (Note:  If you watch the interview from March 17, we predicted we’d be back on April 12 to shoot the blossoms.  We nailed the day but didn’t realize it until re-watching the interview after the blossom photo shoot.)

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After the St Patrick’s Day snowstorm, almost a month passed before the cherry blossoms reached peak bloom. The late-season snow and cold did not harm the blossoms and the bloom was spectacular.

We returned to the Tidal Basin on April 12 at separate times to recreate our snow photos with the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Finding the exact location of our snow photos and getting quality photos of the cherry blossoms was a lot trickier than expected. The scene looked entirely different with trees that were fully loaded with blossoms and there were also thousands of people crowding the Tidal Basin and blocking the view.

With a little effort, however, we found our target photo locations and we recreated many of our snow photos with blossoms. The comparisons can be viewed larger by clicking them.

It’s amazing what a difference 26 days can make!

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