Over 1,600 Capital Weather Gang readers participated in our contest to predict how much snow would fall at Reagan National Airport. Of those, 23 came within one inch of nailing the actual total of 32.0″.  The winner, who came 0.1 inches away from getting it exactly right, was Brandi Erickson who predicted 32.1 inches would fall.  Congratulations to Brandi for being this year’s best seasonal snow forecaster!

The average amount of snow predicted by our large pool of forecasters was 15.6 inches, amazingly close to D.C.’s 1981-2010 30-year average of 15.4 inches.   The median forecast was around 13 inches, also close to the 1981-2010 median of 12 inches. The range of forecasts spanned from no snow (0 inches) to 81.4 inches.

Kudos to all of the following readers who predicted the 2013-2014 winter snowfall at Reagan National Airport of 32.0″ within one inch of the actual amount:

31.1 Elizabeth Sager
31.4 Colleen Forrester
31.4 Tommy Lee
31.4 Jeffrey Hinman
31.4 Wade Sisler
31.6 Bart Pressel
31.7 Jared Hess
31.8 Susan Remmert
32.1 Brandi Erickson
32.2 Victoria Burnley-Rush
32.2 Jay Barney
32.3 Kathy Carney
32.3 Dane Gaines
32.3 Jason Byrne
32.3 Diane Nesmeyer
32.4 Karen Ealley
32.4 Heather Maurer
32.4 Kristen McGarr
32.4 Denise Ryan
32.5 Bobby Clemmons
32.6 Bonnie Walker
32.7 John Williamson
32.8 Mark Bizon

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