Today’s Daily Digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 1 to 10.

Spring at close to its finest. Get outdoors before pollen roars back!

Express Forecast

Today: Partly sunny (cloudier a.m., sunnier p.m.). Highs: 64-70.

Tonight: Partly to mostly clear. Lows: 40-49.

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny. Highs: Mid-60s to near 70.


After several days of much cooler than normal weather, it’s likely many are ready for a warmer stretch. Well, we’ve got months of that ahead! But also, in the near term temperatures are headed up. Along with those warmer days comes more sunshine and probably the imminent return of the pollen beast. We’ll even need to watch a cold front on Tuesday to see how much moisture it has to run into — I’m talking boomers. Ahhh, spring.

nice day
Today (Saturday): We kick the cool air mass out as high pressure builds in. This should mean increasing sun through the day, though high clouds may persist and it could stay cloudier as you head south of the city and the area. Overall, it looks like a winner as highs head for the mid-60s to near 70. Winds are from the north around 5-10 mph. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: If there are clouds around early in the night, they tend to dissipate as we go, leaving us clear for much of the time. That helps us reach our full cool potential! Lows dip to near 40 in the colder spots north and west to the upper 40s downtown. Confidence: Medium-High

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nice day
Tomorrow (Easter Sunday): Not many days are totally clear, but this one may try, at least in part. High clouds may ultimately spoil the run toward wall-to-wall blue, but it won’t be an issue when it comes to feeling those April rays. Temperatures head back to the mid-60s to near 70 range. It could be slightly cooler than today if we get enough ocean air influence. Winds are from the northeast around 5-10 mph. Confidence: Medium-High

Tulips in Woodley Park Friday evening. (Ian Livingston)

Tomorrow night: Skies are partly to mostly clear, and it’s another cool night but also quite pleasant. Winds die off substantially after sunset, generally calm throughout. Lows dip to near 40 in the cold spots, to the upper 40s in the warmer urban cores. Confidence: Medium-High


After talking about not often seeing days that are totally clear, we get tossed Monday. Mostly sunny at worst. Oh, and near 70. We’ve hit the weather sweet spot it would seem. Winds should be rather light as well. A day to eat lunch outside at the least. Confidence: Medium

Temperatures are up on Tuesday, with morning readings in the mid-40s to low 50s and perhaps a noticeable increase in humidity. That point may be key to later in the day as a cold front approaches the region. Could we be talking storms? Definitely possible. Even if we don’t get the moisture needed in for strong or severe storms, highs in the low-to-mid 70s should help spark at least scattered showers and thundershowers in the afternoon or evening. Confidence: Medium