Whether in the form of a pale blue dot, or vibrant shades of greens, blues, whites, and earthen-browns, space instruments provide us with wondrous and wonderful views of our planet.

In honor of Earth day, here’s a set of space-derived images of the world we live on…

1. The view from Saturn (over 746 million miles away)

2. The view from Mercury (over 48 million miles away)

3. The view from the Moon (about 240,000 miles away)

4. View from GOES satellite (about 22,000 miles away)

5. View from Suomi NPP Satellite (about 512 miles away)

NOAA True View, Suomi NPP Satellite, April 21.

Another Suomi NPP view, eastern and western hemispheres

6. View from Aqua and Terra satellites (about 440 miles away)

NASA Aqua and Terra satellite view, April 21, 2014.

 A close-up view of North America

NASA Aqua and Terra satellite view, April 21, 2014.

7. Bonus non-space view, from the inside of our amazing planet…


Earth Day 2013: 4 views from above

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