Today’s Daily Digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 1 to 10.

Mild but very cloudy with PM showers and thundershowers. It ignites a bit of spring fever though!

Express Forecast

Today: Mostly cloudy, PM showers and t’showers. Highs: Mid-60s to near 70.

Tonight: Rain tapering, breezy. Clouds clearing. Lows: 47-53.

Tomorrow: Very breezy, but mainly sunny. Highs: Mid-70s.

Sunday: Mainly sunny. Highs: Mid-60s to around 70.


It’s time for us to earn our sunny weekend again. Today’s payment will be increasingly thick clouds and growing chances of showers as the day wears on. Even some thunder later. Watch radar with us as you leave work to see if any heavy rain threatens, since this afternoon into evening could bring the heaviest rain. Some wind tomorrow could calm some by Sunday but we should stay comfortable at least through Monday before our next storm system approaches by Tuesday.

Radar & lightning: Latest regional radar shows movement of precipitation and lightning strikes over past two hours. Refresh page to update. Click here or on image to enlarge. Or see radar bigger on our Weather Wall.

Today (Friday): Morning breaks in the variably cloudy sky could provide a few periods of sun, but even a morning shower can’t be ruled out (25% chance). Clouds thicken through midday and into the afternoon as more showers (60-70% chance) and even a thunderstorm threaten by evening rush. We have the highest (90%) chance of rain as we leave work until about sunset. Gardens and trees should be happy–especially given that it is Arbor Day. Just be sure not to hydroplane if a downpour puts down a quick quarter to half inch of rain. High temperatures in the mid-60s to low 70s (south of town) are most likely. Southeast winds around 10 mph could have a few gusts, especially in a thunderstorm, to about 25 mph. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: Though the main batch of rain may move through by early evening, we’ll need to get to about 9-midnight till we’re “all clear.” Into the early morning hours we should slowly clear as northwesterly breezes pick up to perhaps around 15 mph, gusting even higher. That should really dry and clear us out. If winds don’t pick up as expected, we may few patches of fog before sunrise. Low temperatures range from upper 40s suburbs to mid-50s downtown. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): This one should be awesome with mostly sunny skies, at least until more clouds visit us by late afternoon. It may fall short of Nice Day criteria, but even high westerly winds around 10-20 mph (gusting higher) are hard pressed to hold it from perfection. High temperatures still feel good, in the mid-70s with low humidity. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: We settle back down a little bit with northwest winds staying around or just below 10 mph. Skies could actually clear up after midnight. Low temperatures may only get as cool as the upper 40s to around 50 downtown, but mid-40s are possible outside of the Beltway. Regional temperature variability may be limited if winds stay up and keep the atmosphere mixed well. Confidence: Medium-High

Sunday: Ok, this might be nearly perfect in my book, and for those who are like me and have “low heat tolerance.” High temperatures in the mid-60s to around 70 should feel great with bright sunshine. Insert sunscreen PSA here. Breezes may stay very light and variable, saving us even from a wind chill perhaps! Can’t promise to appease everyone though. Confidence: Medium-High


Sunday night: Things should stay serene and skies only partially cloudy at worst–probably not obstructing all the stars. Low temperatures outside the Beltway may dip down as cold as around the 40 degree mark if skies remain nearly clear. Downtown could stay in the mid-40s, or even a hair higher, especially if we see more clouds than currently expected. Confidence: Medium

Morning sunshine brings a decent start to Monday, but clouds could increase as the day wears on. By afternoon, as high temperatures reach their zenith in the mid-60s to around 70, a 20% chance of a shower is possible. Throwing these isolated showers toward us is a strong storm system situated in the central U.S.–severe weather is likely out there. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tuesday’s sky may be filled with clouds and rain drops falling. Even some rumbles of thunder? Keep those umbrellas handy as rain appears to be at least 60% to perhaps 70% likely. It may stay a bit cool if a warm front cannot fully move through the area by midday, keeping high temperatures, potentially, as chilly as mid-50s to around 60. But it all depends on how fast the storm system to our west moves toward us. Subject to change! Confidence: Low