The remains of a once towering snow pile in Reston, Virginia.  This snow pile is located on Sunset Hills Drive near Plaza America, April 25, 2014. (Kevin Ambrose)

Most of us are trying to forget the persistent and never-ending winter weather that we experienced this year.  It seems that spring has finally arrived. Well, here’s one last reminder of the cold and snowy winter of 2013-14: a lingering snow pile in Reston, Virginia.

I have passed this snow pile for weeks while driving to my favorite Starbucks in Plaza America on Sunset Hills Drive in Reston, Virginia.  It’s been shrinking, but it’s still there, slowly melting away in the shade of a parking garage.

I first notice the snow pile in mid-February,  after the big snowstorm named Snochi.   The pile once stood well over 6 feet tall and one side had to be chiseled flat to allow a pedestrian path to re-open to foot traffic.  The snow pile temporarily blocked the path.

Now it’s just a little guy, a baby snow pile.  It will probably be gone in a week, but I’ll see if it makes it into May.  I’ll try to take a photo when it becomes a mere snowball.

A snow pile close-up photo, April 25, 2014. (Kevin Ambrose)

Is this the last snow pile in our area, or do you know of any other lingering snow pile remnants?


Snow pile watch 2010

Snow pile watch 2012

BWI snow pile in May 2010

Plaza America in Reston, Virginia is near the location of the persistent snow pile, April 25, 2014. (Kevin Ambrose)