Through Saturday, 2014 tornado season had begun as the most sluggish on record with nary a fatality.  But a switch abruptly turned on Sunday, and an estimated 28 lives have since been lost in two-day tornado outbreak: 17 Sunday, and 11 Monday.

Storms in Mississippi at sunset Monday (Stu Ostro)
Storms in Mississippi at sunset Monday (Stu Ostro)

On Monday alone, the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center received 82 tornado reports.  Several of the  tornadoes which touched down in Mississippi, Alabama and southern Tennessee were large and destructive.

Here’s a compilation of photos and videos from Monday’s tornadoes, which offer a distressing sense of their monstrous ferocity  and the devastating toll they left behind…

Winston County and Louisville, Mississippi

Incredible dashcam video

Another dramatic video – caution: some offensive language

Richland, Misssisippi

Columbus, Mississippi

Oh dude, that’s a house…

Brooksville, Mississippi

Tupelo, Mississippi

“Oh God. Please make it pass” (Caution: some offensive language)

Link: Incredible video from Tupelo

Athens, Alabama

Kimberly, Alabama

Bessemer, Alabama

Lincoln County, Tennessee

Video overview from Associated Press