The 3 p.m. temperature at Reagan National Airport – D.C.’s official weather observing station – sprung to 90 degrees – the first occurrence this calendar year.

A few facts pertaining to our history of first 90-degree temperatures:

*  Since 1872, the average date of our first 90-degree reading is May 18 (including reporting locations in the District and at Reagan National); the earliest first 90 occurred March 22, 1907 and the latest first 90 was July 12, 1979.

* Since 2000, the average date of our first 90-degree reading  is May 16, the earliest occurring April 6, 2010 and latest June 24, 2003.

* Last year (2013), we hit 90 for the first time April 10.

2 p.m. temperature analysis shows the average temperature in the region around 89-90 degrees (

Historically, Washington, D.C. averages 36 90+ days per calendar year.  How many 90+ days do we expect this year?  Stay tuned for our summer outlook coming later this month.