Clouds: Latest mid-Atlantic infrared satellite shows movement of clouds over past two hours. Refresh page to update. See more maps on our Weather Wall.

We’ve hit a pattern recently in which a lot of our unsettled weather comes through during the work week and the weekends are just gorgeous. How nice that once again – for this Memorial Day weekend – that will again be the case. Aside from a tiny chance of a shower late in the day Saturday, the forecast weather is close to flawless.

Through Tonight: Tonight’s big concern is the possibility of clouds given the much anticipated meteor shower – predicted to peak between 2 and 4 a.m. Cloud cover from low pressure to our northeast may try to cycle in at times.  I’ll call it partly cloudy overnight, with the average cloudiness covering about one-third of the sky – but with cloudier and clearer intervals at times.  Generally, the farther the south you go, the fewer clouds you should encounter.

Simulated cloud cover at 2 a.m. from high resolution NAM model (

Temperatures are pleasant but require a jacket, with lows from near 50 in our cooler suburbs to the mid-to-upper 50s downtown. Light winds from the northwest around 10 mph.

Tomorrow (Saturday): Partly to mostly sunny and, on balance, really nice.  Highs range from 75-80.  Conditions are very similar to today, overall.  There’s an outside chance (10-20 percent) of a stray shower in the late afternoon or early evening hours – highest chances north of the District (lowest south).

Saturday night and Sunday: A few clouds may be around Saturday evening followed by mostly clear skies, with lows near 50 in our cooler suburbs to the upper 50s downtown. Sunday is mostly sunny and warm, with low humidity.  Highs range from 80-84, with light winds from the northwest.

Sunday night and Memorial Day: It starts to turn a bit summery just in time to coincide with the season’s unofficial start.  It’s mostly clear Sunday night with lows from the mid-50s in our cooler suburbs to low 60s downtown.  Memorial Day itself is mostly sunny and very warm, with highs 85-89. A great beach or pool day!

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Arlington National Cemetery, May 23 (JDavid Photography via Flickr)

Pollen: Trees counts are HIGH at 567.09 grains per cubic meter. Grass counts are HIGH at 30.67 grains per cubic meter. Weeds and mold spore counts are LOW.

Local TV meteorologist Howard Bernstein injured by dog bite: WUSA9’s Howard Bernstein was injured and out of work for the past week after a dog bit him in the face while visiting family in Alabama. Bernstein described what happened on Excerpt:

One moment, I was watching TV, sitting next to my 20-year-old nephew, when something fell on the floor. I reached down to get it. Their dog must have felt I was challenging it when my face got too close to his and the next thing I knew, the right side of my face and right ear had been bitten pretty substantially. There were less serious punctures in the right front lower cheek.