Infrared satellite image shows thunderstorm cluster over Nebraska and Iowa Tuesday evening. (NASA, via Stu Ostro on Facebook)

Tuesday afternoon and evening, violent thunderstorms in Nebraska and Iowa unleashed a wicked combination of extremely large hail and wind gusts up to 80-100 mph.

The wind-blown hail shattered car windshields and building windows, stripped paint off and dented homes, damaged crops, and even caused some injuries.

According to Weather Service International, over 275,000 people in Nebraska experienced 1-inch hail or bigger.

The video below from Norfolk, Nebraska shows howling wind gusts hurling golf ball-sized hailstones through the air and along the ground like a leaf blower. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Some additional storm video:


Here are some remarkable images of the hail and the damage it caused, via Twitter:

From Lamoni, Iowa:

The responsible storm system shifts east towards the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys today, where intense storms may erupt this afternoon and evening.