Most of the clouds have departed and, as advertised, a splendid afternoon has emerged.  Tonight and tomorrow are top notch – it’s hard to point out a flaw.

Through Tonight: Get outside, already.  Temperatures slowly fall through the 70s these evening – blissful conditions for practically any outdoor activity.  Late at night, it does get a bit crisp, with lows near 50 in our cooler suburbs to near 60 downtown.  Winds are light from the northwest.

Tomorrow (Friday): A perfect 10 in my book (let’s see if Camden agrees).  Skies are mostly sunny, humidity is low, and high temperatures aim for around 80 degrees. (As many of us start the day in the 50s, those getting up and heading out early might consider a light jacket).   Breezes are light from the northwest at 5-10 mph.

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Capitol fisheye, May 24 (Brian Allen via Flickr)

Pollen: Grass and mold counts are HIGH.  Trees counts are MODERATE.  Weed counts are LOW.

Provocative reading: 7 reasons America will fail on climate change, via Ezra Klein at Vox