Today’s Daily Digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 1 to 10.

Bright and warm (not muggy!) with mild pollen. Not bad! Just use sunscreen if outside for long, please.

Express Forecast

Today: Sunny, slightly breezy. Highs: Around 80 to mid-80s.

Tonight: Clear, calm. Lows: Low 50s to mid-60s (downtown).

Tomorrow: Sunny, a tad warmer. Highs: Mid-to-upper 80s.

Sunday: Slowly increasing clouds. T-shower late? Highs: Mid-80s.


While afternoon temperatures today and tomorrow may be warmer than pure perfection, we won’t be too muggy until the heat builds a bit more by Sunday. After all, it is June–and meteorological summer–so I will take this while we have it! Summer showers and storms on Sunday shouldn’t threaten plans nearly as much as Monday and Tuesday’s potential dampness. By then, with muggier air fully entrenched, we’ll probably WANT a cooling shower or storm!

Today (Friday): Looks very sunny with a refreshing 5-10 mph northwesterly breeze. Grab a light jacket if out early. Even by afternoon, we won’t be humid! Comfortable warmth around 80 to mid-80s! Soak it up while it lasts. Today’s clear sky and relatively dry air beg for a sunscreen reminder–UV will likely remain high between 9am-5pm. If on the Mall for D-Day commemorations, we’ve no weather worries. Confidence: High

Tonight: Enjoy the late sunset. We’ll have very few clouds to disrupt our starry skies (great sky watching conditions on the mall where telescopes galore will be available). Breezes should die almost completely which helps encourage comfortable low temperatures overnight. Quite a temperature spread is possible, with low 50s well outside the Beltway, to perhaps mid-60s downtown. Open window weather — even downtown? Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): A bit warmer under mainly sunny skies. Luckily, humidity levels remain (relatively) tolerable as temperatures top out in the mid-to-upper 80s. Not too shabby, thanks, June. With luck, we could have a bit of breeze (around 5 mph) stir up from the northwest to cool us off a bit. Or, locate your nearest pool! With sunscreen in-hand. Confidence: High

Tomorrow night: It could be quite pleasant under mostly clear skies. Check out a waxing quarter moon in the company of Mars, if gazing upward. Low temperatures slip to the low-and-mid 60s for fine sleeping weather. This could be our last windows-open night for a while, dare I predict. Confidence: Medium-High

Sunday: The day may start as a winner, but we could have some points docked as it wears on. A thunderstorm complex predicted to develop over the Midwest could spread clouds into our area by midday. A few very late afternoon showers and thunderstorms of our own are possible — especially in western burbs. Let’s keep chances around the 20% mark for now. Despite some potential muting of the strong sunshine, we still should manage the (muggier) mid-80s to maybe near 90 well south of town. Confidence: Medium


Sunday night: skies are fairly cloudy, with roughly a 50/50 chance at seeing some showers. Thunder is possible too. Sticky low temperatures only briefly reach the mid-60s, perhaps low 60s outside the Beltway. Confidence: Medium

By Monday, we may get that muggy skim on our skin again, as fairly summerlike dew points take hold. Partly sunny skies could clear a bit more by afternoon–just don’t expect clear blue skies. Shower and storm chances, overall, are in the 30-40% range. The morning may have a higher chance than afternoon, but hard to say at this point. 80s seem likely for high temperatures, but if the timing changes so that showers occur more during the afternoon, we may hover around 80. Upper 80s are possible if we remain sunny all afternoon, especially south of town. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tuesday’s weather could again prove muggy with an ongoing (45-55%) chance of showers and thunderstorms. Some sun could be visible at times, but skies could be a bit cloudy, murky, and hazy overall. You know, a somewhat typical summer day in D.C., with high temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80s. Confidence: Low-Medium