A large storm swirling in Southern Hemisphere offered quite a view for NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman, from his perch on the International Space Station.

He pinged this image back to Earth via Twitter just after noon today:

(Reid Wiseman/NASA)

“The storm poses no major meteorological threat though ski areas in Argentina have received up to 19 inches of snow from this and other systems in the past 48 hours,” writes Brian Kahn for Climate Central.

Here’s an image of the same storm from NASA’s Worldview Web site:


Wilson docked on the International Space Station May 29 and has been taking stunning pictures ever since.

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Washingtonians can wave hello to the International Space Station buzzing by tonight at 9:02 p.m., first appearing in the west-southwest sky and disappearing to the northeast – reaching a maximum height 54 degrees above the horizon.