From Sao Paulo to Spain, hail has taken quite the world tour.  France is now its latest victim.

Thunderstorms exploded in the northern part of France this afternoon, producing hail stones the size of baseballs.

Towering supercell thunderstorms produced the hail, up to 8 cm (3 inches) in diameter.

The potential for severe weather had been well-forecast by European meteorologists:

Today marked the second straight day of severe storms.

“On Sunday night damaging winds gusting to over 110 Km/hr (nearly 70 mph) and tennis ball sized hailstones battered the Val D’oise department near Paris,” writes

Difference from normal pressure at high altitude (18,000 feet) as analyzed by the GFS model at 12 UTC Monday. (

The northern part of France laid at the intersection of pools of cold air (low pressure) and warm air (high pressure) at high altitudes, priming the atmosphere for vigorous thunderstorms.