At 1:41 p.m., the mercury touched 97 degrees at Reagan National Airport, D.C.’s official observing station, setting a new record high for June 17.  It broke the previous record of 95 set in 1991.

The old record of 95 was tied (with June 12) as the lowest “record high” in June, so the easiest of the month to break.  Records for Washington, D.C. (logged at 24th and M. St prior to 1945) date back to 1871.

Dulles Airport’s high so far today – based on hourly readings – is just 90, two degrees shy of its record for the date (from 1994).  However, it’s possible the temperatures has risen above 90 between hours.

BWI has climbed to 94 (according to hourly reports), two degrees off its record of 96 from 1939.

We’ll update the highs for the date at Dulles and BWI when they’re released early this evening.

(Update: Dulles and BWI both just missed records. Dulles’ high was 91, and BWI’s high was 94)

Temperatures are expected to be similar tomorrow, or even a degree or two hotter.  The records are somewhat higher though, so will be a taller order to match or exceed.  On June 18, the records for Reagan National, Dulles, and BWI are 97 (from 1944), 94 (from 2007), and 97 (from 1957), respectively.

Due to the excessive heat, the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR)  opened all spray parks one week early, effective today, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Link: Spray park locations