Two tornadoes touch down near Pilger, Nebraska June 16, 2014. Large tornadoes hit rural areas of northeastern Nebraska on Monday afternoon. (REUTERS/Dustin Wilcox/TwisterChaser)

Some of the footage of the massive pair of twisters that terrorized northeast Nebraska Monday doesn’t even look real. It’s like it’s from a fictional disaster movie, except it happened. And it’s devastating.

At least one person is dead, 19 injured, and half the town of Pilger, Nebraska has been damaged or destroyed.

When pictures and video of the twin twisters first surfaced, some meteorologists couldn’t ever recall seeing two tornadoes so big so close together. It’s somewhat common for small tornadoes or “satellite tornadoes” – resembling ropes – to  form and orbit a larger funnel. But instances of two enormous tornadoes side by side are few and far between.  A well-documented case occurred all the way back on April 11, 1965 – nearly 50 years ago – during the Palm Sunday tornado outbreak. In Elkhart, Indiana, two enormous wedge tornadoes caused extensive damage.

The Post’s Morning Mix has more on the science of dueling tornadoes: The double tornado that slammed Nebraska last night was a rare and horrifying sight

Here’s a collection of multimedia from this rare, frightening and gut-wrenching meteorological event, including both video and stills.


The last 30 seconds of this first video are particularly terrifying and surreal:


This last 75 seconds of this video may even be more terrifying, revealing the monstrous debris field:


Midway through this next video (50 to 90 seconds in), the smaller tornado appears to merge with the bigger one, but somehow passes through intact emerging unscathed – just incredible:


The last 15 seconds of this video provides shocking close-up footage of the two tornadoes:


Here are two more close-up recordings; there are incredible lightning strikes at the close of each:



Lightning strikes twin tornadoes in northeast Nebraska Monday (YouTube screenshot from video)


Two tornadoes are appearing in the same rural area in Nebraska, June 16, 2014. REUTERS/Dustin Wilcox/TwisterChasers