Right behind the  four violent tornadoes in Nebraska Monday – including the terrorizing twins in Pilger, more twisters spun up in the northern part of the state Tuesday.

Just 40 miles from Pilger in northeastern Nebraska,  a very large tornado formed near Coleridge and Laurel and reportedly remained nearly stationary for close to an hour.

“At least six farms received damage, including one that was leveled,” reports SiouxlandMatters.com.

This video of the massive twister is frightening:


Tornadoes also touched down in the northwest part of the state.

Look at this visually stunning view of a tornado near Merriman:

Severe thunderstorms are possible again today in Nebraska, but the probability of tornadoes is relatively low.

In Pilger, the town continues an extended clean-up process from Monday’s devastating pair of tornadoes.  On Tuesday, the National Weather Service reported the twin tornadoes that struck were (both) preliminary rated EF-4 on the 0-5 scale meaning their winds may have reached 166-200 mph.

Here’s yet another incredible video of the twin storms, perhaps the most vivid yet (the most dramatic footage is after about 3 minutes and 40 seconds in):