It’s like a scene from The Wizard of Oz.

One of the massive twin EF-4 tornadoes that blasted through Pilger, Nebraska 8 days ago literally sucked a house (or at least a chunk of a large structure) into the air before it came crashing down.

Video released from storm chasers shows the stunning footage of the apparent flying house:

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Here are some still images:

Screenshot of airborne house in Pilger, Nebraska tornado. June 16, 2014. ( via YouTube)

Here’s the full video of the  twister and  the dizzying field of debris it hurls into the air. The house (or parts of a house) can be seen airborne 2 minutes and 33 seconds in.

It’s a truly scary scene. It begs the question: Where is the Wicked Witch of the East?

(Imagery credit and hat tip to and Bill Beach, @kitebeach on Twitter)