When you watch the fireworks at the edge of the Reflecting Pool you can see the mortar shells launched into the air and feel the concussions of the explosions in your chest.

The reflections of the exploding shells from above dance across the surface of the water as the ducks scurry for cover.  It’s a different experience when you watch the fireworks up close compared to seeing the display from across the Potomac River or farther back on Mall near the Capitol.  It’s bigger, louder, and brighter.

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It’s also a different experience because of the crowd. The crowds are almost as big as the booms. The revelry is something else.

Below is our compilation of last night’s fireworks show.  It was hard to chose a set of photos because each set of exploding fireworks produced a unique set of colors and designs.  It was a great one!

Other shots from around the area