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Unforgettable: Tornado crashes wedding photo shoot in Canada (PHOTOS)

<a href=";id=46729116974">Photography By Colleen Niska</a> .

Many couples describe their wedding day as whirlwind, speaking figuratively about the non-stop celebration and festivity.  But the wedding day of a couple in Saskatchewan, Canada Saturday, became the ultimate whirlwind when a real-life tornado touched down during their photo shoot.

Rather than run away from the swirling storm, the couple and photographer, Colleeen Niska, embraced the heart-racing moment.  The resulting photos are extraordinary.

“I’ve dreamed about a day like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, exclaims Niska on her Facebook page. “Could NOT wait to post these! Pretty sure this will only happen once in my lifetime!”

The swept away couple was not swept away by the storm. “As for the wedding, the windy weather blew down a tent at the reception, but the rest of the outdoor party was said to be a success,” CTV reports.

This isn’t the first nuptial twister captured for posterity. “A tornado touched down against the sunset at the wedding of a couple in Kansas back in 2012, giving them a pretty awesome backdrop as well,” notes Gawker’s weather vertical, The Vane.

So is a tornado on one’s wedding day a good or bad omen?

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