It looked like sunny day on Saturday in the eastern Siberian city of Novosibirsk. People got out their swimsuits and headed to the Ob River with their families to enjoy some fun in the sun.

And then the wind started to blow.

In the video above, Russian beach-goers are caught off-guard as a pretty fierce hail storm moves in. By the beginning of the YouTube clip (see below), the wind has already begun. Most of people decide to get out of the water when it starts raining, but many of them are still swimming as hail that is at least as large as a quarter begins to bombard them.

Small branches are ripped from nearby trees as the result of both wind and hail, and people seek shelter from the arsenal under painfully small beach umbrellas. Bare skin surely makes a bad situation worse.

Shockingly, a full minute after the hail begins to fall, some swimmers are still in the water. One poor guy decides to give up, and submerges most of his body below the surface, leaving only his head to take the pounding.

As the video continues the hail decreases in size but increases in intensity, and begins to pile up on the beach. The Telegraph reports that no one was injured from the hail in this storm.

In addition to the hail storm, snow fell in some parts of the Southern Urals. RT writes:

Local media reported snowdrifts along roads, adding that the temperature dropped from over 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) to almost zero on Saturday.

This tweet reads, “In the Southern Urals today, snow fell.”

Full hail storm video: