The eastern Mediterranean has served as prime breeding grounds for waterspouts early this week. Over the past few days, witnesses have  spotted numerous spouts off the coasts of Italy and Greece, and the photos are pretty incredible.

This double waterspout was seen near Paltsi, Greece:

As these spouts gradually dissipated, photographers caught them as they entered the roping stage.

More waterspouts were caught off the coasts of Bari, Italy, which is on the east side of the country, and also Tuscany, which is in northwest Italy.

The Website writes that conditions were favorable for the spouts, and that this time of year, given the orography of the country, Italy is subjected to numerous spouts that rank from F-0 to F-2 on the Fujita scale for tornadoes. They say that while F-3’s do occur, they are less common. Meteoweb also mentions sometimes these spouts produce minor damage along the coasts.