On June 16, 2014, a pair of devastating tornadoes tore through northeast Nebraska, scarring the earth in their wake. Jaw-dropping footage has emerged from a security camera that captured the tornadoes’ fury as it decimated a Farmer’s Co-Op Store in Pilger, Nebraska.

The action resembles something out of a Hollywood disaster flick like the upcoming “Into the Storm”, except this is all too real. How the camera survived this trauma is incredible.

The video begins after employees and customers have apparently taken shelter in the refrigerators. At 0:53, you can see one of the doors to a fridge on the left side open a little bit — perhaps someone was trying to see what was going on outside.

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The tornado makes its entrance only a few seconds after that, as the walls on the right side of the store blow out and its contents are thrown to the back. The screen goes dark as debris fills the store, and this is when the tornado is passing closest to the co-op. The camera shakes as tornado-force winds threaten to rip it off the wall.

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As the scene brightens again, the last pieces of the ceiling fall to the floor and sunlight streams in. It appears that the store was sheared in half and you’re left wondering how there’s anything standing at all at this point.

Scanning forward to around 3:00, you can see that people begin to push the contents of the refrigerators out onto the floor so that they can get through. At 3:20, the first survivor steps out of the fridge, and others follow. More people exit from what must have been a room in the back left corner. Over the next few minutes, at least a dozen people climb out of the store, appearing to be completely unharmed.