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I hope I’m not jinxing us, but we may be about to extend our lucky streak of nice weekends to 16 straight (or four months!).  Sure, the humidity ticks up a bit and it’s on the cloudy side, but temperatures remain slightly cooler than normal.  Best of all, rain chances – while not zero – are small.

Through Tonight:  It’s pretty cloudy out there, but very pleasant.  The clouds slow the decline in temperatures compared to the last two nights, with a gradual drop through the 70s this evening, with pre-dawn lows from the low 60s in our cooler suburbs to the upper 60s downtown.  Very light to calm winds.

Tomorrow (Saturday): More cloudy than not, but the clouds hold back the heat.  While humidity inches up into the moderate range (dew points into the low 60s), high temperatures are cooler than normal – mostly in the low 80s. Winds are from the northeast at 5-10 mph.

Saturday night and Sunday: Weak flow from the northeast keeps us cloudy on balance, but there’s still no strong trigger for rain.  Lows Saturday night are 65-70 (suburbs to city).  Highs Sunday rebound into the mid-80s with some intervals of sunshine possible.  There’s a 20 percent chance of a shower in the late afternoon and evening hours, but most spots should stay dry.

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Pieces of summer (Joey Semone via Facebook)

Pollen: Tree/grass/weed counts are LOW.  Mold spore counts are LOW-MODERATE.