If you look up at the heavens and let your imagination go wild, you can see all kinds of things.  But, once in a great while, clouds align into formations with unmistakable resemblance to real things or people.

Along the east coast of England in the county of Norfolk, a middle-aged man named Jeremy Fletcher photographed an arrangement of clouds that took on the unambiguous appearance of a God-like man, reports the UK Daily Mail.

“The obvious comment is that it looks like God but it could also be Sean Connery or Karl Marx,” Fletcher opined.

Do you agree?:

I’m trusting these images the Daily Mail published are legitimate and not-doctored. Of course, it’s impossible to be sure in the internet age. (Related: Photoshopping the weather | Snuffing out social media’s fake weather photos)

What are some of the wilder apparitions you’ve observed in the skies?