This Sunday, at noon ET, I am thrilled to be the featured guest on the second episode of The Weather Channel’s new talk show Weather Geeks – or WxGeeks in shorthand.  The focus of the show is weather, hype, and social media – a topic near and dear to my heart, that I’ve written a lot about over the years.

The issue of weather hype on social media has hit the forefront after false Facebook-dispersed rumors of 30 inch blizzards this past winter, and debates about the use and misuse of terms like derecho and polar vortex which – thanks to social media propagation  – have entered our vernacular.

These hot button issues, among others, have much of the meteorological community thinking and talking about the right way to communicate about weather on social media while confronting bad practices.

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On Sunday’s show, I chat with host Marshall Shepherd,  chair of atmospheric sciences at the University of Georgia, about dealing with some of these problematic weather communication practices on social media – particularly the spread of bad forecast information.  I also weigh in on the recent polar vortex debate.

The show, moderated by The Weather Channel’s Chris Warren, was taped last week in Atlanta in The Weather Channel studios.

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I had a great time on my visit and enjoyed the opportunity to chat a bit with Weather Channel icon Jim Cantore as well as severe storm expert Greg Postel (formerly Capital Weather Gang’s tropical weather expert.)

Here are a few photos from the visit.  I hope you’ll tune into the show at noon Sunday.

Host Marshall Shepherd and I pose in a conference room after discussing the show’s rundown.

Hanging out with Jim Cantore before the show (Marshall Shepherd)

Show moderator Chris Warren (left), myself (middle) and host Marshall Shepherd moments before the taping on the WxGeeks set (Marshall Shepherd)