Lifeguards told them to clear out of the water, but Luis Morales Fukatake and his girlfriend wanted to get one last picture on the beach as a thunderstorm approached earlier this month. The couple was vacationing in Akumal, Mexico.

Fukatake brought the video camera down to the water line were his girlfriend was waiting, and she holds her hands up as it starts to rain. The couple gets close and poses, and she clears the wet lens with her finger. Just after that, a bolt of lightning strikes behind them in the tree line in a flash of red light. The pair are knocked off balance in shock as thunder crashes down.

The slow-motion take at the end of the video shows the burst of fire, likely the surrounding plants ignited by the bolt.

In an interview with the Daily News, Fukatake said, “My girlfriend and I wanted to take a selfie, so we went to the shore of the (creek) to take it when the thunder struck. I remember watching the reflection of it in my GoPro.”

It’s not the first time this month that weather has photo-bombed a couple — this story is somewhat reminiscent of the tornado that crashed one couple’s wedding in Canada earlier in July.