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Temperatures: Latest D.C. area temperature map. See interactive map on our Weather Wall.

It doesn’t get much better than today in mid-August, though tomorrow we’ll see it can indeed get a little better. Humidity levels that started in the moderate range this morning have been falling on a gusty northwest wind, with delightful afternoon highs reaching the low-to-mid 80s most spots. Tonight is basically perfect for any outdoor or open-window plans, as is Thursday.

Through Tonight: We remain mostly to fully clear through the night, and humidity levels keep falling throughout. That combo, along with winds slackening to about 5 mph, should lead to good radiational cooling. Lows have a wide range, from the mid-50s in the cool spots to the mid-60s downtown.

Tomorrow (Thursday): If you liked today, you might like tomorrow even more. It’s pretty similar, but with even less humidity and lighter winds. Temperatures may also be a touch lower many spots, mainly rising to the near 80 to low 80s zone most spots.

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Sunrise reflected on the beginning of a nice day today! (Clif Burns via Flickr)

Charley: 10 years ago today, Hurricane Charley made landfall near Punta Gorda, Florida as a category 4 storm. With sustained winds of 150 mph at landfall, it was a strong category 4, and it’s the strongest storm (at landfall) to hit the country since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. It was also the first of four hurricanes to strike Florida over seven weeks during the wicked 2004 season.

Video via UltimateChase

A handful of the remembrance tweets about Charley today: