Heavy rains caused massive flooding in the Phoenix area Tuesday, resulting in numerous water rescues. (Reuters)


Torrential rains sweeping through the Phoenix area, especially on its north side, have caused extensive flooding in the region and required numerous swift water rescues.

A flash flood warning was issued north of Phoenix this afternoon, and a 13-mile stretch of I-17 was closed after a surge of rainfall inundated the area.

Over five inches of rain has fallen in some spots north of the city.

In Phoenix itself, the monsoonal downpours dumped up to an inch of rain in 15 minutes.

In spite of the perilous flooding situation, no injuries or fatalities have been reported , according to the local ABC affiliate in Phoenix.

The video at the top of this post shows the flooding along Skunk Creek, which runs from north of Phoenix south into its western suburbs. The creek also intersects I-17.

Here are some reports and images from Twitter, several of which show dramatic images of the flooding:


ABC15 out of Phoenix has streaming video of a rescue in progress: Watch live.