Sheila Ford and a young boy make a rubbing of a name at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, just after sunset. (Kevin Ambrose)

Washington, D.C. is such a beautiful and interesting city.  Sometimes it’s refreshing to photograph the nice weather scenes and not just focus on the storms and extreme weather.

It’s amazing what you can encounter on the National Mall during a warm summer evening.  This past Friday , the weather was beautiful when I took a walk around the Mall.  Along my walk, I found a film crew shooting a TV series on the Reflecting Pool; there was a loud and colorful demonstration on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial; and I saw a touching scene at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  All of this was occurring at roughly the same time.

So here are a few shots from Friday that show our city during a warm, summer evening, with a wide variety of people and activities that you might find on any summer night.  It was definitely nice to take a stroll with the camera.

A Ukraine demonstration at the Lincoln Memorial Friday evening. (Kevin Ambrose)

The film crew for the TV series Madam Secretary was shooting Friday evening at the Reflecting Pool. The crew said the actors never leave California. The Washington scenes that are displayed on the  TV show are filmed by this team without the actors. (Kevin Ambrose)

A stroll down the Reflecting Pool Friday evening.  The weather was warm but not hot.  (Kevin Ambrose)

The rubbing of the name, James Anderson Jr, was created at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the scene displayed by the lead photo of this post. (Kevin Ambrose)

Hundreds of candles were lit at the Lincoln Memorial Friday evening for a Ukraine demonstration. (Kevin Ambrose)

This Lincoln Memorial close-up, displayed on the video camera’s LCD above, may appear in a future episode of Madam Secretary. (Kevin Ambrose)

Ducks and geese were active Friday evening at the Reflecting Pool.   (Kevin Ambrose)

The sun sets behind clouds Friday evening. (Kevin Ambrose)

A family, silhouetted on the right, took photos of the Lincoln Memorial during the blue hour. (Kevin Ambrose)

The Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool during the blue hour. (Kevin Ambrose)

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Friday evening. (Kevin Ambrose)