Black and white photography can add a feeling of stillness and tranquility to a scene.  This is particularly true with winter landscape scenes that have snow and ice.

I decided to look back on the cold and snowy winter of 2013-2014 through black and white photography.  Yes, it’s still summer, but some of us feel it’s always a good time to check out cool snow photos and reminisce about a good winter season.

In a recent post, we analyzed the merits of colorfully enhanced HDR imagery. In the same way, we also take a look back at the “old school” art form of black and white.

Each photo in this post represents a different day of this past winter.  The captions display the date that the photos were taken and and a link to a blog describing the weather on that day.

As you look through the photos and captions, you will see that we really did have a cold and snowy winter.  And, you may also notice that black and white photography captures and even enhances the peaceful essence of winter scenes.

Given the choice, do you prefer HDR or black and white?

And by the way, who’s ready for snow?