A striking image of the pre-moonrise aurora from Swanton, V.T. ( Jeremy Gilchrist / Spaceweather.com )

The Northern Lights put on quite a show Friday night as the second of two solar flare-induced geomagnetic storms peaked. While overcast skies made the aurora tough to see in many parts of the northern U.S., New England, in particular, got an amazing display of color.

A colorful aurora from Reed, Norway. “I just had to do a pose,” said photographer Runar Sandnes. ( Runar Sandnes / Spaceweather.com )

A stunning aurora from the Maine Highlands. “We could see green, beams of light, and a little bit of the pink with the naked eye,” said photographer Amy J. Johnson. ( Amy J. Johnson / Spaceweather.com)

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A blue and green aurora with hints of purple from Kvaloya, Tromso, Norway. ( Harald Albrigtsen / Spaceweather.com )

The aurora from Scotland, Norway. Said photographer Frank Olsen, “As usual, I have to say, when a solar storm hit our area, it tends to be a bad weather at the same time. And as usual this happened yesterday night, as well. Still, I decided in case of weather improvement to get out. I got a half hour opening in the clouds, and managed to take a few shots.” ( Frank Olsen / Spaceweather.com )

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An intense blue and green aurora from Quebec City, Canada. Photographer Francis Audet says, “We had a fantastic 30 minute window just after sunset, after that the show dimmed quite a bit. But what a show it was!” ( Francis Audet / Spaceweather.com )

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The aurora from the north shore of Lake Ontario, near Grafton. ( Lynn Hilborn / Spaceweather.com )

City lights reflect off wispy clouds above a green, purple, and pink aurora in New Gloucester, Maine. ( Michael Cempa / Spaceweather.com )

Taken from the Victoria Bridge on the Mira River in Nova Scotia, Canada. ( Allan MacMillan / Spaceweather.com )

An amazing burst of color from Muonio, Finland. ( Mika Wist / Spaceweather.com )

The aurora was lightning up social media, as well.