The power of water is unstoppable and scary, particularly with an assist from mud and large debris, like entire trees and motor vehicles.

Watch the incredible video above showing a flash flood turned mudslide reportedly from Serbia – posted to YouTube and Facebook.

The time and specific location of the video are not yet known (we are attempting to attain additional information on the origins of this video).

The Balkans have endured flooding since late last week, starting with Croatia.

Reuters reported up to two-thirds of Croatian counties were coping with flooding as of Sunday.

The flooding spread to Serbia early this week, according to the Associated Press:

New floods in the Balkans isolated parts of eastern Serbia on Monday as swollen rivers swept away roads and bridges, cutting power supplies and phone lines.

Emergency measures have been declared in the hardest-hit municipalities where heavy rains caused rivers to burst banks and surge into villages, flooding homes and streets.

Police used boats to take out more than 300 people from a flooded area along the Danube. Additional emergency crews were sent to the region as rainy weather was expected to continue overnight, police said.

A total of 15 villages are in danger in the Kladovo region, near the boundary with Romania, where main roads connecting the area with the rest of Serbia have been either flooded or destroyed by the surging waters.