Intense severe storms raked through eastern Colorado on Monday, laying down a blanket of hail that looked more like fresh snow.

Thunderstorms began to build in the early afternoon, and quickly intensified as they moved over the Denver, Colo. metro area. These storms were packing a punch. Hail began to pile up in huge drifts. Winds gusted to around 80 mph southeast of Denver. And in eastern Colorado, tornado warnings were issued for the storms as they moved northeast.

Photo reports of large hail began to pour in to social media. While most of the area experienced pea-size hail — which is dangerous enough to crops and property — golf ball-size hail was also reported around Aurora, Colo., an eastern suburb of Denver. Aurora appears to be the worst hit in terms of large hail, and the radar reflectivity supports it. The storm over Aurora shot to more than 60 dBz — reflectivities typically seen in storms in the height of severe weather season.

This kind of hail storm is not without risk to property. A car dealership in Centennial, Colo., just south of Aurora, reported major damage to local media. “We have over 500 cars on our lot and each and everyone got damaged. It looked like it snowed in September,” said Ray Saccomano of Arapahoe Hyundai.

Colorado is out of the woods for severe weather on Tuesday, though there is a chance for storms again Wednesday.