Image of storm over Europe on Tuesday (EUMETSAT via Facebook)

After Hurricane Gonzalo – the most powerful in the Atlantic since 2011 – raked Bermuda early Saturday, its remnants zipped across the Atlantic and slammed into Europe Tuesday.

The storm produced widespread wind gusts between 50-70 mph over the United Kingdom, with the strongest winds in northern areas.

Peak wind gusts Tuesday over the United Kingdom (The Weather Network)

The storm prompted 25 flood alerts and 8 warnings across the country, while a women was killed from a falling tree in London, reported the BBC.

“About 10,000 passengers were affected by flight cancellations at Heathrow, and several UK ferries did not sail,” the BBC said.

The satellite animation below shows Gonzalo’s long journey across the Atlantic and its transition from a major hurricane into a sprawling yet powerful mid-latitude storm:


As the storm spread inland over Europe, heavy rain, strong winds, and mountain snows belted Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland.

Austria’s English news site The Local said the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics declared the highest level storm alert Tuesday night through Wednesday morning – a roughly one in four year occurrence. Up to 30,000 households lost power, it added.

Heavy snow has fallen in the Alps and more is expected through Friday:


As of Wednesday morning, AccuWeather reported heavy rains from the large storm system had spread into central Europe:

Rainfall from Tuesday night into Wednesday totaled 50-100 millimeters (2-4 inches) from southern Austria and western Hungary into Slovenia and northern Croatia. Flooding of homes and streets was reported in Slovenia, especially around the capital of Ljubljana where 137 millimeters (5.39 inches) of rain fell in under 6 hours.

AccuWeather predicts the following cities could see flooding through Friday: Belgrade, Serbia; Tirana, Albania; Athens, Greece; and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Here are some snow photos from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and France:




The first snow of the year falls in Salzburg, Austria on October 22. (EPA/BARBARA GINDL)



A little snowman stands on the table of an outdoor terrace for hikers on the Brocken mountain in Schierke, central Germany, on October 22, 2014, after snow fell on the region during the night. (MATTHIAS BEIN/AFP/Getty Images)

A man clears an open air beer garden from fresh snow on Great Arber mountain, near Bayerisch Eisenstein southern Germany, Wednesday Oct. 22, 2014. (AP Photo/dpa, Armin Weigel)