In a publicity stunt, The Today’s Show weatherman Al Roker is attempting to break the record for the longest televised weathercast.  The #Rokerthon, as it has been called, began at 10 p.m. last night and Roker has pledged to broadcast the weather continuously for 34 hours.

Roker cannot sleep during the broadcast, but is permitted a 5 minute bathroom break every hour.  During his first bathroom break, Roker inadvertently left his microphone on. What happens next leaves little to the imagination. Writes

The evening’s most memorable moment came when Al took his first bathroom break — with his microphone streaming sound to viewers. Al’s take on the moment: “Live stream has a new meaning.”

The Twitter-sphere responded with hysterics.  Here’s a sprinkling of reactions:

To support his marathon weather segment, Roker is asking for donations for his Crowdrise campaign, which benefits our armed forces and United States Service Organizations (USO).

Assuming Roker lasts the full 34 hours, he will break the previous 33-hour record set by Norweigan forecaster Eli Kari Gjengedal

I have to say, having just watched a few minutes, Roker seems tired and struggling, after a mere 12 hours. I wonder if he will actually make it.